ELASTIC 27 Shoelace Pair for Men's or Women's Dress Shoes (Black) - NO TIE, SAVE TIME

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  • STRETCHY - Durable, flexible material helps mold shoes to your feet. With these laces, men's and women's dress shoes will simply expand and flex back to hug your shoes around your feet. And the best part is that you can't tell the difference from regular laces!

  • SLIP SHOES ON - Are you ever in a time crunch? These laces will save you time taking your shoes off and putting them on. The elastic laces stretch as your foot easily slips into your shoes, then the laces comfortably hold your shoes

  • ENDS NEVER FRAY - Plastic sheath aglets (covers) ensure durability and an easy pass through holes. But worry not! You'll only have to thread them once - from then on, no tying those shoes ever again. Just keep them tied

  • IDEAL LENGTH FOR DRESS SHOES - Total length of lace measures 27 inches (70cms) - the ideal length for most male and female dress shoes. Men's and women's dress shoes usually have fewer threading holes (eyelets) than sneakers, tennis shoes or boots, so this length is most suitable for work shoes (such as Oxfords)

  • SAVE TIME & BE SAFE - A great solution for all ages. Whether you're always on the go or have finger dexterity challenges (such as a broken arm in cast, arthritis or carpel tunnel), these laces will make life easier. Save time and increase your independence, shoe tying is no longer a risky affair

  • Color : black, brown

  • Size : 27 inches

Are you a busy professional? Do you dread the lost seconds, or even minutes, when you slow down to tie your shoes?

Want to kick your nice shoes off (and put them quickly back on) between meetings?

Whether you are rushing to work, running a marathon or out of the house with the kids, your time-saving solution is here. These stretchy, but durable shoelaces will bring you flexibility and comfort.

Thread the Stretchy Laces in your shoes one time and you will never need to tie your laces again. Turn your office shoes into slip-ons instantly. No more tying shoes!

Your feet can become naturally swollen based on the season or the time of day. The elastic laces adjust and stretch to the size of your feet and can also be loosened or tightened as desired.

Contents of lace set:
- 1 pair 27 black stretch laces with plastic covers (aglets) on all ends

A great deal!

DISCLAIMER: Never wear your shoelaces in a way that would allow you harm.